Species:  Lovebird babies
Age: Hatched March 29-April 5
Sex: Unknown
adoption fee: $100 or $125 DNA Sexed

We have 2 handfed baby lovebirds left.  Both a very sweet and will grow up looking like this little guy.  (they are hybrids - peachfaced+fischers) Right now they have color, as they get older their color will get more vibrant.  

Species:  ALexandrine babies
Age:   Hatched March 30 and April 2
Sex: Both Dna sexed Males
adoption fee:   Both SPOKEN FOR

We are currently hand feeding 2 baby Alexandrines.

When they are weaned and ready, they go with a vet certificate (for parents and babies), DNA Certificate( so you know if you have a boy or a girl, Hatch certificate and growth chart.