Name:  Rocky
Species:  African Red Bellied Parrot
Age:  unknown (mature)
Sex:   male
​ADOPTION FEE: adopted

This is Rocky a very sweet little African Red bellied Parrot.  We don't know very much about him other than the fact that he is extremely affectionate, is a very good eater, is very quiet and loves head scritches.  He steps up for a lot of people although when he is uneasy, scared or doesn't want to step up he gives clear signals expressing his wishes and if those signals are ignored he will bite (as all parrots do).  

Name:  unknown
Species:  cockatiel
Age:  unknown
Sex:  male and female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $150/pair  

These two were 2 singles that both came from the Fort McMurray Evacuation.  Both of their former guardians were not able to come back to pick them up.  While in care, they found companionship within each other and they never are too far from each other these days.  We would like to see them go together as they do worry about each other if they can't see one another.  *update - Female cockatiel is proving to be quite the trusting little girl, she loves landing on your shoulder and head looking for food.  She's starting to step up and the male is starting to make progress too while watching his girlfriend.

Name:  Figgy (Newtons other half)
Species:  Senegal
Age:  unknown
Sex:  suspected male
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 650pr adoption pending

He will step up for you if you have a nice calm personality.  Very nice little bird!  Cannot be separated from Newton. 

Name:  Hendrix
Species:  senegal
Age:  2014
Sex:  Male (?)
​ADOPTION FEE:  $400 includes cage and vet check

Hendrix is a high strung Senegal with lots of nervous behaviors.  In his previous home he had broken a blood feather in his wing and was brought to a vet clinic where they had pulled it out.  He has had a fear of people ever since this very traumatic experience.  Hendrix, has his good days and his bad days.  He would do well in a home with no birds or one other bird.  We feel he would do well in a quiet household with someone who has a calm disposition, a quiet voice and lots of patience.  Hendrix can step up, but his first instinct is always to fly away.  He requires lots of bribing.  

Name:  shinobi and matthew
Species:  nanday conures
Age:  unknown
Sex:  male and female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $750/pair includes cage, vet check, carrier and donation to wpr

Matthew and Shinobi are a pair of adoptable Nanday Conures. These two are a pair that came from the World Parrot Refuge and are looking for a loving home to call their own. Shinobi (the bald bird) will step up on a stick or a finger and Matthew needs a bit of work yet.  If you are not bothered by a bird who likes to show a little skin and have the patience to work with one who is protective over his girlfriend maybe they would be a good fit for you!  Nanday Conures do have a loud noise, so apartment or condo living is not recommended for these guys.

Includes non-refundable donation to Greyhaven.


Name:  Mango, Tango and Jimmy
Species:  2 peach Fronted Conures (SISTERs) and a Nanday Conure
Age:  13-16 (will have to double check paperwork to be sure)
Sex:  Peach Fronts DNA Female - Nanday Unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:    $650 - cage and vet check included

This conure trio have been in foster care for 6 years.  Jimmy came first in 2011 and the Peach fronts not long after.  They did not start off liking each other, in fact Jimmy was a lone bird for the better part of his life and did not want any other birds in his bubble.  The peach fronts came into care looking for a partner and found that in Jimmy.  They were extremely persistent in getting him to like them.  They constantly flew to his cage despite being chased off.  One day Jimmy let his guard down and now they are inseparable.  Jimmy has been feather challenged since before he came into care, we believe it started when his previous owner went through a bit of a rough patch in their life.  The trio was previously adopted, but less than a year into being adopted they needed to come back since their adoptive family moved out of the country.  

Name:  curtis
Species:  Blue and GOld Macaw
Age:  hatched 1988
Sex:  suspected Male
​ADOPTION FEE:  $1500  (includes cage and vet check)

Curtis is a 29 year old Blue and GOld Macaw with a laid back personality.  He was a transfer from the Edmonton Humane Society and we were told his owner who he was with for 20 years has sadly passed away.  Curtis is looking for a loving home to spend the rest of his life at.  He has a great vocabulary, no bad words that we have noticed yet.  He is a good eater, will step up 80% of the time (which we are sure this percentage will go up when he is comfortable with his people.)  He can be loud, so apartment and townhouse living is not recommended for him.

Name:  Champ
Species:  Quaker
Age:  hatched 2003
Sex: unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:  adopted

Champ is an adoptable World Parrot Refuge Quaker.  He is a very sweet little guy but can guard his cage if you do not let him come out on his own terms.  He steps up, cuddles and is quite a nice little bird. He can be noisy (as Quakers are), so apartment or townhouse living probably wouldn't be a good place for him.  Champ is a special needs bird, his left back toe stays forward making perching a bit challenging, other than that he gets along quite well.  

Name:  1 Sunconure
Species:  Sun conure
Age:  unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:  $500 includes cage, vet check, carrier,

We have 1 sun conure left out of 7 that came from the world parrot refuge in BC and he/she is NOT tame.  In fact she is quite terrified when someone just enters the room.  

Name:  Mom and Dad
Species:  Kakariki (pair
Age: guessed hatch year 2012
Sex:  Male and female bonded proven pair
​ADOPTION FEE:  $550 (includes cage and vet check)

We have 2 bonded Kakariki parrots.  They are male and female and have produced at least 2 clutches of babies that we know of.  They are wild but fun birds to have around.  They aren't loud, in fact they have a really unique kind of chip about them.  

They are energetic, good eaters and are really nice looking birds.

We have 4 hand fed baby kakarikis as well (scroll to the bottom and click the "babies" link to view and read up on the ones we have in care)

Name:  Figgy and Newton
Species:  Senegal Parrots
Age:  unknown
Sex:  suspected male female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 650/pr  Includes cage, vet check and WPR donation - adoption pending

This is Newton, Figgy is pictured below.  They are a bonded pair of skin showing Senegals from the World Parrot Refuge in BC.  Figgy is really nice, Newton is fearful but has never bitten, she would rather fly away than to attack.  With time and patience we believe she will warm up to her new parronts, she just needs to understand that noone is there to hurt her. 

Species: 8  Lovebirds
Age:  unknown
Sex:  unknown
​ADOPTION FEE: $50/each

We have loads and loads of lovebirds that came to us from an estate.  These guys were all in a large flight with many breeding boxes, some boxes had babies (We separated 4 babies and we hand fed them for their last couple weeks of weaning.)  If you are looking for a partner for your bird or a little bit of life added to your home, maybe a lovebird pair or single might be right for you. 

Species:  10  grey , cinnamon, lutino, pearl and pied cockatiels
Age: unknown
Sex:  varied
​ADOPTION FEE:  $50/each

We have 10 cockatiels various unknown ages.

 All are wild (except for one who is a bit more workable than the rest), but the rest would rather be left alone.  They have a beautiful whistle and are looking for a nice companion be it another cockatiel or a very understanding human.   

Name:  Beaky
Species:  Yellow Naped Amazon
Age:  Hatched Approx 1990's
Sex:  unknown 
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 1000  includes cage and vet check

Beaky is an extremely talkative amazon that will have you in stitches laughing at what she comes up with.  She is not friendly but we have been working with her on and off and she is to the point where she will step on a stick, and sometimes a hand.  She is target trained, but only works when she feels like it and only for the exact right treats she wants at that given moment.   She is a beautiful amazon in full feather.   

Update, Beaky now steps up more often than not, she is better at stepping up while she is out of the cage.  

Name:  Smudge
Species:  Indian ringneck
Age:  hatch 2002 approx
Sex:  F
​ADOPTION FEE: adopted

Smudge is a very sweet Indian Ringneck that periodically has difficulties with her feathers.  She has grown quite a few back but is still working on her tail.  We feel when her wings grow in from a clip she received, that she won't fall and break her tail anymore.  She steps up nicely, is quite affectionate when she gets to know you and loves her head and chin pet when she's comfortable.  

Name:  Phoenix 
Species:  White Fronted amazon
Age:  unknown
Sex:  unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 550 (includes cage, carrier, vet check and donation to greyhaven)

Phoenix came from the World Parrot Refuge with no feathers but he's trying very hard to let them grow back.  He may never get there, but he's definitely trying.  Phoenix is not very tame, but he can get along with other birds under the right conditions.  He is not a noisy amazon, but he can let out a few chirps here and there.

 Adoption includes a non refundable donation to Greyhaven.

Name:  lucy
Species:  cape parrot (grey headed parrot)
Age:  approx 2007
Sex:  suspected female
​ADOPTION FEE:  adopted

Lucy is a really nice parrot to the folks she trusts.  She does pick favorites so any potential new families must understand that she will like someone in the home more than all others.  She does step up nicely for most people and is quite quiet for a parrot.  She's a beautiful bird looking for a permanent home to call her own.

Species:  2 green Indian ringnecks
Age:  unknown
Sex:  males and females
​ADOPTION FEE:  $150/Each

We have 2 wild Indian Ringnecks that came to us from an estate.  They are Juveniles and we don't know their gender unless we do a DNA test.


Name:  Scarlet
Species:  Scarlet Macaw
Age:  unknown
Sex:  suspected female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $1500 (includes cage, vet check, carrier and wpr Donation)

Scarlet came to us from the World Parrot Refuge in BC.  We do not have very much information or history on her but she is a very special bird.  She loves hands-off attention and will wave and talk to you, but she has yet to step up on our hands.  She does however step up on to a dowel perch about 75% of the time.  She has started to get along very well with our military macaw and if their bond gets any stronger with him we may decide to pull her off the adoption list.

Name: Parker
Species:  Triton Cockatoo (Sulphur Crested Cockatoo)
Age: unknown
Sex:  Suspected Male
​ADOPTION FEE: $1500  (includes cage, vet check, carrier) 

​Parker is an adoptable  Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. He is so comical, sweet, and gentle. He loves mist bottle showers, singing, dancing, bouncing and is just an all around wonderful character! His downsides? He can be noisy and is dusty (as cockatoos are.) He is full of energy and very much a ray of sunshine! 


Species:  red collared lorikeet
Age:  hatched january 2015
Sex:  suspected female 
ADOPTION FEE:  $600 (Cage and Vet Check Included)

Bright, energetic, fun loving bird that loves to play and take baths. Likes to explore everything and loves bright shiny jewelry. 

Feizi was adopted a few months ago, however she did come back into care due to only getting along with the females in the household.  

Special considerations: special dietary needs, much messier than a typical parrot, can produce a high pitched noise at times. 

Name:  S2 and s3
Species:  Senegal Pair
Age:  unknown
Sex:  suspected male and female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $650/pr (includes cage, vet check, carrier and WPR donation)

S2 and S3 are a lovely pair of Senegals that came from the World Parrot Refuge in BC, They both step up (one more redily that the other, but the other does step up.)  They are quiet parrots although they do make some noise as all birds do.  The "male" tolerates head scritches once he has developed trust with you.  Aoption fee includes a non refundable donation to Greyhaven.

Name:  Kitty
Species:  Congo African Grey
Age:  Hatched 1993
Sex:  f
​ADOPTION FEE: adopted

Kitty is a nice bird.  She steps up when she trusts you, has a good vocabulary, and is in great feather condition.  She doesn't like to be manhandled like cockatoos do but once you earn her trust she will let you pet her beak and the back of her neck and head.  It is unknown how many homes she has been through.  She came to us because of health concerns in the home.  

Name:  Romanov and Mary Jane
Species:  Red Masked Conures
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 750/pair (includes cage, carrier, vet check and WPR donation)

Please scroll up and read above for description of this pair. This one is Romanov and the other one above is his mate Mary Janee

​A bird rehabilitation and rehoming center based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Meika’s Safehouse provides a safe and loving environment for birds in need. We work primarily with parrots but all species of companion or pet birds are welcomed.

When birds are surrendered into our care, we keep them a minimum of three months in order to fully assess the bird’s overall health and start some training as appropriate. Most of the birds have not been abused, but because of the level of intelligence they possess, they are often under significant emotional stress when they are relinquished. Birds that have been mistreated emotionally or physically require more rehabilitation and may never be suitable for rehoming.

When we determine a bird is ready to be rehomed, much care and consideration is put into selecting an appropriate home.  When we are able to match a bird with a new family, in most cases, he or she will be adopted out with a cage suitable, as well as a small amount of food and the toys and favourite items the bird has grown accustomed to. We will also provide a current health certificate.

Our desire is to see the birds that leave our care succeed in their new home, and we are always here to provide advice and assistance. To see the birds we currently have available for adoption, please see below. 

To download our adoption application form and guidelines, click here.

To donate to Meika's Safehouse, click here.

Name:  thing 1 and thing 2
Species:  White capped pionus parrots
Age:  Thing 2: hatched 2003 and thing 1:  UNKNOWN 
Sex: male + female 
adoption fee:  $800/pr (includes cage, vet check, carrier and donation to WPR)

Thing 1 and Thing 2 are a bonded pair of Pionus parrots that came to us from the World Parrot Refuge/Greyhaven in BC, Canada.  We don't have any history on these guys except the age of one of them.  

We have not started working with these guys yet, one has the potential to be nice, the other is protective of his space.

Adoption fee includes a non-refundable donation to Greyhaven

Name:  9 White eared conures
Species:  white eared conures
Age: 2 parents, 7 siblings ages unknown. siblings are juveniles
Sex:  unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:  $150/each

These guys came from a breeding situation that got a bit out of control.  These birds were not handfed and are very wild.  They would do well in a setting where very little is expected of them.  

Name:  jack
Species: cockatiel
Age:  2015
Sex:  suspected male
​ADOPTION FEE: adopted

Jack is a beautiful cockatiel that will require lots of time, patience and understanding if he is expected to be tame.  He has the capability of stepping up, but would rather not.  

Name:  Romanov and mary jane
Species:  red masked conures (cherry headed conures)
Age:  unknown
Sex: male and female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $750/pair includes cage, vet check, carrier and WPr donation

Mary Jane and Romanov are a bonded pair of Red Masked Conures we have available to adopt from the World Parrot Refuge. They both love each other very much and would be absolutely lost if they were to be separated. They both like to charge at other birds but have yet to make contact with them (they do a lot of bluffing) so perhaps a household without birds would be best. They are fearful of people and have been known to lunge if you get too close. We haven't started working with them yet, they just kinda fly around the little bird room and do their own thing. So if you have bird experience but have no birds, or a space where they can be let out away from other birds maybe they could be right for you?

Name:  Mango  and Marley
Species:  Mango (Greenwing macaw) Marley (Severe Macaw)
Age:  unknown
Sex:  Suspected male and female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 2100 includes cage, vet check, carriers and wpr donation

These two are an unlikely couple who are extremely bonded to one another.  These two came together from the World Parrot Refuge in BC.   Mango (GWM) has the typical perfect Green Wing Macaw temperament, very social, loves people, steps up, gives high fives, tells us she loves us, chatty and just a phenomenal parrot.  Marley on the other hand is the exact opposite, he is pushy, bitey, lunges and is out to kill you if you mess with his Greenwing.  We have just recently started working with him, getting him to take treats nicely, stationing, target training and reinforcing calm behavior.  At this point in time he is not handleable but we hope to get him to a point where he is predictable.  We do need to separate them when we are training, but they are a duo and we will not separate them to adopt them out.  Experienced homes only, no small children.  

Periodically, we are asked to hand raise baby birds. When old enough, these are also available for adoption. To see birds that may be available, click here.

Name:  Weather 
Species:  yellow sided green cheek conure
Age:  2015
Sex:  unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:  $450 (includes cage and vet check)

 Weather is a very nice little bird provided you respect her body language and that she trusts you.  She does like scritches and cuddles on her terms and she will even let you get at those hard pin feathers!  We can hold her, turn her on her back and pet her head, ears and back of the neck.  That being said, she is a hard headed conure and can nip quite hard if you're not paying attention.