·  Perches: natural wood, shower, rope and sand perches
·  Play gyms
·  Small, medium and large bird toys
·  Cages
·  Preening toys, foraging toys and foot toys
·  High quality bird food
·  Supplements
·  Cage accessories (baths, food dishes, mirrors, etc.)
·  Avian fashions (birdie diapers, hoodies,  feather protectors, and fleece suits, most of which can be used with a leash)
·  And much more!

Meika's Bird House offers a wide selection of bird products and supplies for your small to large feathered friends at home and for the wild bird watcher in the family.

We have now launched our ONLINE STORE! Click here to visit and place an order for pickup or delivery. NEW ITEMS added daily to the online store, so check back often!

·  Bird feeders
·  Bird baths
·  Wild bird literature
·  High quality wild bird seed and suet
·  Bird bath de-icers
·  Bat houses
·  Fountains
·  Window stickers
·  Hummingbird feeders and nectar
·  And much more!