• Cage / Enclosure

Complete with perches, toys, access to bird baths. All enclosures are steam cleaned before and after each visitor. All cages are covered at night, unless otherwise requested.

  • Food

We feed all birds a balanced diet, which includes:

- Pellets of your choice (Available options: Tropican, Goldn’Obles, Harissons, Zupreem, Roudybush, Jungle Mix)

- Mix of fresh fruits and vegetables, including fresh selections from our organic garden in the summer

- Healthy birdie baking - muffins and breads made specifically for our birds

- Other foods such as scrambled eggs, plain oatmeal, brown rice or pasta

- Home made parrot pudding (mashed pumpkin, unsweetened apple sauce, cornflower, fresh ground organic cinnamon)
- Seed, nut, dried fruits and veggie mixes (usually some Goldenfeast blends of gourmet bird foods)

- Clean water three times a day

Note: if your bird requires a special pellet or seed diet that we do not carry, we ask that you bring enough for the duration of their stay.

  • Exercise, plus lots of love and interaction!

We love to interact with all the birds who come to stay with us. We believe that birds should be out of their enclosures as much as possible. Every bird gets to come out and stretch its wings at certain times of the day. During summer months the birds have access to our large outside aviaries. They are very safe places for birds to get some time outdoors and enjoy the different scenery, sun, and breeze. Conure sized birds or larger can be in there to free fly, smaller birds (budgies, finches, canaries, linnies, some lovebirds) will be brought out in their enclosure to be in the aviary.

It is your responsibility to let us know if you do not wish for your bird to participate in certain activities. (Being out of their cage in general, being in the aviary, brought into the shower.)

Because each animal is unique, please contact us for pricing. All bird sitting is subject to GST.

Payment can be made at time of pickup. We accept Visa, Mastercard, debit, or cash. 

  • Your bird in its carrier

Your carrier will remain with us in case of emergency evacuation

  • Optional items 

A favourite toy, sleep tent, any fruits/vegetables that may spoil while you are away as we can use them for your bird(s)

  • Birdie Daycare - daytime companionship while you are at work

  • Bird Sitting - daytime and overnight care for shorter periods

  • Bird Boarding - daytime and overnight care for extended periods

We are able to accommodate birds of all sizes - from finches to large macaws

We can also watch other small animals from rodents to reptiles, amphibians to arachnids

What's Included:

If you wish to have us watch your feathered friend, please contact us ahead of time to make arrangements for their stay.

  • at the store

Birds may be dropped off or picked up anytime during store hours

Please call or text the day before to confirm your drop off / pick up

Drop off & pick up:
pricing & payment:

All efforts are made to ensure the safety of your bird. However, accidents can occur and Meika’s Bird House will not be held responsible if an injury occurs due to other birds or accidents. If a vet check is required it will be at the owner’s expense.

We reserve the right to refuse a bird at any time for any reason.

Bird Sitting Services

What to bring: