Name:  Mr baby
Species:  timneh african grey
Age:  hatched 2012
Sex:   dna tested male
​ADOPTION FEE:  available soon   

  Very sweet and timid guy...will do anything for an almond.  He would thrive in a one person household with no dogs, cats or small children.  He is not a fighter but he will bite if you meet him for the first time and put your hand in his space.  He requires time to get to know you and understand that you aren't there to hurt him.   If he is nervous he will start plucking.  He is a chunky guy and would benefit from daily exercise and wing flapping.  He can fly short distances but with practice his stamina and agility will increase.    He is nervous of all new toys in his cage so slow introduction such as toys hanging on the outside of the cage or on a table beside the cage is highly recommended.

Please note that we cannot accept applications on Mr Baby if you have young children, dogs or cats in the home. 

Name:   Buddy
Species: Congo African Grey
Age:  Hatched in 1993
Sex:   suspected male       
​ADOPTION FEE:  $1100 W/cage, vet check and microchip

Buddy is an older African Grey with a touchy personality.  He is not one to be pushed around, the relationship has to develop on his terms.  He is blind in one eye from an encounter with a dog in one of his previous homes.  We do not recommend a home with dogs or cats for this guy because he doesn't know boundaries...all boundaries are his.  He has the potential to love deeply to the right person.  He thrives in a quiet home without children.  

Name:   Patrick
Species:  eclectus
Age:  unknown  suspected hatch year 2012
Sex:  male 
​ADOPTION FEE:   $1300 w/ cage vet check and microchip

This beauty is sweet, talkative and can be loud with the Eclectus call.  He steps up and can fly pretty well.  He requires a specialized diet to keep him healthy and looking good.  

More information will be posted as we get to know him better.  

​****Viewing by Appointment, please call 780-416-4435 to arrange****

Name:   Cherry
Species:  Scarlet Macaw
Age:  unknown, suspected hatch year  2012
Sex:   unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:   $1600 w/cage vet check and microchip

Cherry is a beautiful Scarlet macaw that would benefit from a household that understands positive reinforcement training and large parrot body language.  She does have the capability to step up provided she is the in the right mood and provided the right motivation.  She takes food nicely from your hand.

More information will be posted as we learn more about her.  

*Experienced home only*

​****Viewing by Appointment, please call 780-416-4435 to arrange****

Name:  cloudy
Species:  cockatiel
Age:  hatched late 1990's
Sex:  male

This little guy is a misunderstood fella.  He doesn't like hands, doesn't step up, will attack your hand even if you are just trying to change his food.  He doesn't like other cockatiels and would do best in a home that respects his space and has no expectations of him ever being tame.  

​A bird rehabilitation and re-homing center based in Sherwood Park, Alberta, Meika’s Safehouse provides a safe and loving environment for birds in need. We work primarily with parrots but all species of companion or pet birds are welcomed.

When birds are surrendered into our care, we fully assess the bird’s overall health and start some training as appropriate. Most of the birds have not been abused, but because of the level of intelligence they possess, they are often under significant emotional stress when they are relinquished. Birds that have been mistreated emotionally or physically require more rehabilitation and may never be suitable for re-homing.

When we determine a bird is ready to be rehomed, much care and consideration is put into selecting an appropriate home.  When we are able to match a bird with a new family, in most cases, he or she will be adopted out with a cage suitable, as well as the toys and favourite items the bird has grown accustomed to. We also provide a current health certificate, and  microchip most birds before they leave our care.

Our desire is to see the birds that leave our care succeed in their new home, and we are always here to provide advice and assistance. To see the birds we currently have available for adoption, please see below. 

To download our adoption application form and guidelines, click here.

To donate to Meika's Safehouse, click here.

Name:   no name 
Species:  cockatiel
Age:  unknown
Sex:   male
adoption fee:   $75

Not very much info on this guy other than he is a good whistler when you get him going, he likes mirrors and is not tame.  He would do well with a female or male friend, he gets along with other birds.   

***Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the close quarters of our bird room, we are limiting visitation to the birds in care until further notice.  They are still visible though the windows, we just can't have more than 1 person in the room at a time****Also, we cannot do house visits at this time until the threat of the virus is lower, so adoptions on medium and large birds are postponed until further notice.  We are accepting applications to get the process started though. ****

Name:  Buddy
Species:  double Yellow headed Amazon
Age:  Hatched Approx 1990's
Sex:  unknown (suspected male)
​ADOPTION FEE:  $ 1000  includes cage  vet check and microchip

Buddy is a beautiful amazon parrot who would do well in an all adult home.  He can be noisy if something is bothering him and he can attack quickly if you are not paying attention to his very clear body language.  Buddy is suitable for an experienced home only.  

​****Viewing by Appointment, please call 780-416-4435 to arrange****

Name: Gem and Stone
Species: indian ringneck 
Age:  unknown - mature
Sex:  male and female
​ADOPTION FEE: $950/pair    cage, vet check and microchips included

Here's what we know:

These two were paired up in the place where they came from.  They were from an estate we took in a bunch of birds from summer 2017.  The female is a mixture between a yellow and blue indian ringneck and the grey is a solid grey.

They are wild birds who were set to be bred in their previous home.  We do not know if they ever had babies in the past.   

Name:  Oscar
Species:  Cherry Headed Conure
Age:   hatched 2007
Sex:   unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:  $700 (cage , vet check and microchip included)

Oscar is a bird that was abandoned to a foster home over 10 years ago.  He was nice to the gentleman in the house until he served his country and came home.  Oscar never forgave.  He likes sunflower seeds, so we are working at developing trust through treats so we can establish a relationship with him.  

Name:  Pickle
Species:  Yellow Crowned Amazon
Age: unknown suspected hatch year 2010
Sex:  unknown
​ADOPTION FEE:   $1300 w/cage vet check and microchip

Very talkative, steps up on his own terms, stays put on a stand.  (more info will be posted as we get to know him.)

There was very little information about him when we went to pick him up.  We are unsure of his age, we were told his hatch year was 2010, but cannot guarantee this, we were also told his name was Lulu, but over the past few days he has been saying "Step up Pickle, Hi Pickle" so we believe his name is Pickle.  

"Up up up up up up up up, Good boy, Be a good Boy, Hi Pretty Girl, Hello"

****Viewing by Appointment, please call 780-416-4435 to arrange****


Name:  Smoke and Sky
Species:  Indian ringnecks
Age:  unknown (young pair possibly hatched 2013)
Sex: female and male
​ADOPTION FEE:  $950 w/ cage vet check and microchips

We have a pair of Blue and Grey Indian Ringnecks.   blue female, grey male - not the ones in the picture 

These were breeders in their previous home, they are wild, scared of people but love each other very much.  Where one goes the other must follow, they preen each other, sleep next to each other and get stressed when separated.    

Name:   Tango
Species:  Indian Ringneck
Age:   Hatch Year 2013
Sex:   female
​ADOPTION FEE:    $650 w/cage vet check and microchip

 Tango is a nervous girl who plucks her feathers and has for many many years (since before  we've met her).  She doesn't talk but will step up and settle in a calm environment.   She requires a soft spoken quiet home and would do better without any dogs or cats.  She does get along with some other birds.  She has a high pitched call that she makes when she wants to know where you are or if she's scared.  Not suitable for apartment living.  

Periodically, we are asked to hand raise baby birds. When old enough, these are also available for adoption. To see birds that may be available, click here.

Name:  No name pair
Species:  Cockatiels
Age:  unknown
Sex:   suspected male and female
​ADOPTION FEE:  $150/pair

These two cuties are a pair and they don't want to be separated.  They must stay together.  Neither of them came with a name, so they are eligible to be named by you!  (see home page for details) .

The pied cockatiel is semi tame and will step up for you, the grey boy is not tame and will require lots of time to learn to trust you.     

Name:   6
Species:  budgies
Age:  unknown
Sex:   5 females  1 male
​ADOPTION FEE:   $15  

Budgies various ages.   We have 2 green ones, a green & yellow one, a white & blue one, a blue & yellow one, and a blue one.

 All untame.       

Eligible to be named (see home page for details)

Name:   2 Zebra Finches and 1 cut throat finch
Species:  Zebra finches
Age:  unknown
Sex:   male/female black cheek pair, 1 female cuthroat
​ADOPTION FEE:  $20-$25

Zebra finches:   1 black cheek male (handicapped), 1 white crested female. 

Crested white Zebra $20 (Female)

Crested Black Cheek $20

Female Cut Throat finch $25 

Eligible to be named (see home page for details)

Name:  Zazzu
Species:  Sun parakeet
Age:  hatched 2003
Sex:  Suspected male
​ADOPTION FEE:   available soon

Zazzu is a beautiful Sun Parakeet that loves fly around and land on your shoulder.  He likes head scritches and is quite friendly.  He LOVES travelling around in your shirt while you're puttering around the house.  He gives decent body language when he is not prepared to step up so you can avoid a nip, you just need to be attentive to it.  He does a typical Sun Parakeet call every day, multiple times a day, so he would not be suitable for apartment living or if you suffer from regular headaches.  

Name:   Edwin
Species:  eurasian collared dove
Sex:  suspected male
​ADOPTION FEE:    $20/ea

Edwin along with 1 other dove are looking for homes to call their own.  If you are looking to add life in your home without the screaming or biting that parrots often give, a dove might be something to consider.  We have 2 single brown colored doves.  Doves can be trained and can follow you around the house.  They are social and get along well with other gentle birds.  They like to fly whenever possible and could live peacefully with finches, cockatiels, certain budgies and other small Australian grass parakeets.  These birds would be suitable for young gentle children and in an apartment or townhouse as they are not loud.  

Name:   Fenway and Daisy
Species:  Cockatiels
Age:  Fenway hatched 1995 and Daisy hatched 2013
Sex:  Male and female 
​ADOPTION FEE:   $125/pr or $150 w/cage

These two are very fond of each other and should not be separated...they love each other very much so an adoption as a pair is what we want for them.   Fenway is the grey guy and Daisy is the Lutino girl.  They are not tame, however they will eat spray millet from your hand.  If a grate is not provided at the bottom of their cage they will tear up the paper as if they are trying to prepare a nest.  They eat their chop and Fenway loves to whistle to himself in a mirror and to Daisy to court her.  

Name:      Saffron
Species: Yellow Sided Green Cheek Conure
Age:      Hatched August 2, 2018
Sex:    DNA Sexed Male
​ADOPTION FEE:  Available soon

​This beautiful boy would be considered a textbook conure.  He is quite sweet and loving, but does have the devilish side to him.  He makes his daily conure sounds which are not suitable for apartment or condo living.   He says his name, loves a good head scritch on his own terms, and sometimes his terms can change without warning.  He is good about giving warning signals, but if you don't catch them or don't respect them, he will make it clear he doesn't want to be picked up or touched.